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Mobile Web Development

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Mar 7 '13

3 Easy To Use Tools That Can Help Develop a Mobile Site

As a business owner, you will always have to look for newer ways of developing your business. Perhaps your buyers are reporting that your business website needs a mobile version so that it can help them to visit your site on the go. Or may be, recently you saw a competitor’s site through your smartphone; it looked amazingly slick, and now you are feeling outclassed.

The mobile web development is burgeoning. Usage of iOS, the Apple’s operating system such as the iPad and iPhone, almost doubled in the last one year. This is a clear indicator how people are using mobile websites to get the same info that they used to get through browsing on desktops. Let us discuss some of the easy to use tools for developing a mobile site.


This tool allows you to develop a mobile version of your site through an user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Setup is very easy and in minutes you can have your very own mobile website. Besides, Mobify also has the platform for mobile commerce that’s geared towards e-stores for mobile web.


Some of the popular companies like Nokia, Reebok, Ford, use Wirenod, a mobile site generator that has also helped more than 50,000 sites create mobile device friendly versions of their websites.

Mippin Mobilizer

This is an easier friendly tool which will take only few minutes to use. All that you are required to be done is enter the website’s RSS feed URL, configure some options and sign up for an account, then install some code on your site, and you are ready with your mobile site.

These three are essential tools that can help you in developing a mobile site for your business. These are easy to use and, in some cases, you can have your mobile site in minutes.

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