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Hi, John here living in Northern America, I run this blog. With a degree in Web Design, I currently work as freelancer mobile web sites developer, and have interest in mobile websites, mobile apps development, Drupal, Web Development (Flex, HTML5).
Feb 19 '13

Mobile Event Apps & The Ongoing Innovation

Mobile event applications have seen immense innovation taking place in the technology over the past few years. The event industry that relied on papers to a great extent for the transfer and submission of all the information related to any conference and meeting, has now completely evolved to a more advanced scenario. They are now carrying out high end experiments of what new can be done with the help of the devices of the time – smartphones. Smartphones have opened a whole new spectrum of opportunities for almost every industry, but events seem to have benefited themselves immensely from this modern technology.

With the initial idea, which was to put in all the information that was on paper to these apps, to cut costs on printing, reducing tree cutting, and helping attendees receive all the important information about the conference in the most convenient manner; the use of apps have already become a lot more than that in the past couple of years. Now the event mobile applications have become a major aspect that help all participants engage in the events like never before. To help organizers further in this drive, there are various mobile engineering companies that are developing applications with unique features which are adding immensely to the momentum that the event industry has already gathered in utilizing the modern technology of smartphones to the maximum.

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