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Mobile Web Development

Hi, John here living in Northern America, I run this blog. With a degree in Web Design, I currently work as freelancer mobile web sites developer, and have interest in mobile websites, mobile apps development, Drupal, Web Development (Flex, HTML5).
Jan 31 '13

Simple, yet powerful. These are some of the Best Mobile Apps Development platform

Catering to the steady demands of a corporate sector, which is driven by steep mobile penetration, isn’t easy. And who knows this better than the guys who create mobile applications to facilitate business marketing.

With the app development industry fishing out newer tricks of the trade, it has become a necessity for every mobile app developer to familiarize with a couple of platforms which can be used to create some really powerful apps. Unless a developer manages to achieve a certain level of comfort when working on a particular platform, he can’t produce his best. This holds true for every mobile app developer out there.

There are quite a number of mobile apps development platforms in use today, but some of them belong to a different league. They are among the very best of what we can find today. In my opinion, 3 best mobile application development platforms are —-

  1. Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP): Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful platforms you can come across, SUP offers unmatched flexibility and operational ease. This is where it manages to score high marks, above most of its competition. It’s ideal when a business is trying to focus on large scale mobile application deployment.

  1. Kony: This feature-rich platform is best suited for creating different varieties of B2C and B2E applications. The availability of customizable features only upgrades the experience for the developers, and the users, at large.

  1. Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP): A perfect option for developers who are looking to offer enterprise mobility solutions. Multiple applications, across different mobile platforms, can be developed and managed with AMP.

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